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SEE Turtles has helped to connect more than 1,000 people with sea turtle conservation projects around Latin America.

Here's what a few of them had to say about their experiences:

"I have traveled with SEE Turtles twice and am looking forward to my next soon. I've had the rare privilege to touch leatherback and green turtles, both adult and hatchling and to stroke grey whales that came to us because they wanted to. The accommodations and meals have been great, even when we stayed in tents. The guides are very special.  They are fountains of knowledge and they love their countries and are proud to share with visitors. I cannot recommend SEE Turtles trips highly enough." -Pat G

Baja Ocean Wildlife Expedition

"The SEE Turtles trip to Baja was a trip of a lifetime!  Highly recommend going with this organization.  Never thought I could have so many wonderful experiences in a 1 week long trip. To name a few -  releasing baby turtles into the ocean, swimming with whale sharks and being "kissed" by a sea lion. Have travelled extensively throughout the world and have to say this was one of my FAVORITE TRIPS ever!" -Aileen J.

"My vacation (luxurious camping with sea turtles and whales in Baja) far exceeded my high expectations. I don't know if it was the bioluminescent whales, hands-on research with turtles, or new friends I made, but I loved every moment of my trip. I can't wait to go again!" -Kathi K.

Belize Ocean Wildlife Expedition

I would HIGHLY recommend this trip! It was a great opportunity to learn from and get to know people on the front lines of conservation efforts in a beautiful part of the world. The staff at EcoMar were welcoming, knowledgable, friendly, and supportive in helping us learn about Belize, and experience firsthand the beauty and diversity of the area. My kids and I would do it all over again! -Dawn M.

Linda and her crew at Ecomar are fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to teach me about research, Belize, and so much more!! Linda has an amazing team who were all knowledgeable, intelligent, accommodating, helpful, friendly, kind, and understanding. They went above and beyond my expectations. I absolutely cannot wait to go back! -Hannah D

Costa Rica Leatherback Turtle Volunteer Vacation

The wife and I have traveled to may great locations and stayed in some very high end hotels. However after experiencing this trip we were just in awe of the wonderful spectacle of nature and its fight for life. We were engaged the entire trip. From beach patrols to helping around the research station. The guide that accompanied us was beyond fantastic!!! My wife and I long to go back and experience this again! We always felt safe and at no time were alarmed with anything. Truly a great way to connect as a husband and wife. We both came away from this trip with a deeper appreciation of life, nature and the fight to survive.  -Darin N

The turtle station was a very remote site with very dedicated people working to conserve leatherback turtles. We had an outstanding trip. Not only did we get to see mother turtles coming in to lay eggs but we experienced the baby turtles hatching and returning to the sea. The wildlife in the area was amazing. We experienced many birds, reptiles and mammals. We also learned some history and geography. Our guide was excellent. Full of information on any question we asked and so willing to accommodate any request. Because of him we experienced a jungle walk, canal boat tour and even got to make tortillas for lunch.  -Anonymous

Cuba Nature & Culture Expedition

This trip was wonderful in every way. The opportunities to see the nesting green sea turtles and explore the fascinating city of Havana left memories that will last a lifetime. All the guides were knowledgeable and personable. -George R.

For anyone interested in sea turtles, this is a great experience. And the bonus is Cuba, a fascinating and friendly island. Altogether, a super value. -Judith S.

Nicaragua Sea Turtle Volunteer Expedition

"My trip to Padre Ramos, Nicaragua was a dream come true! I was pleased to be a part of the whole operation--from night walks to look for nesting turtles to collecting eggs and placing them in the hatchery to measuring new hatchlings to releasing them into the ocean to give them a chance at life. And it was a pleasure to work with the dedicated volunteers and staff to save endangered hawksbill turtles. I highly recommend a SEE Turtles trip! -Deborah G.




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