Sea Turtles of Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful South American country with extraordinary wildlife that is emerging from a long civil war. There are dozens of protected areas from the coasts to the mountains that protect some of the highest amounts of biodiversity in the world. This country has sea turtle habitat along both coasts for five species of sea turtles. There is a significant leatherback nesting beach along the northern Caribbean coast and small numbers of nests of hawksbills, greens, and olive ridleys

sea turtle hotspots

Corales del Rosario / San Bernardo National Park: A large national park protecting the country's most extensive coral reefs in addition to two archipelagos, mangroves, and other habitats. Green turtles, hawksbills, and loggerheads inhabit these waters and small numbers of hawksbills nest on the park's islands.

Playona National Park: An important nesting beach along the northern Caribbean coast in the Gulf of Uraba, primarily for leatherback turtles but also small numbers of hawksbills.


sea turtle species in colombia

Leatherbacks: Nest in Playona National Park from March to July, averaging several hundred nests a year. 

Hawksbills: Nest in Playona National Park in small numbers, as well as several islands in the Corales del Rosario / San Bernardo National Park and can be found in coastal waters along both coasts.

Green Turtles: Found in seagrass habitats along both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts with very small numbers of nests.

Loggerheads: Found in coastal waters along the Caribbean.

Olive Ridleys: Nest in small numbers along the Pacific coast. 


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